Presidential candidates commit to peaceful elections

Photo: Courtesy

The four presidential candidates in this year’s Kenya’s general election have committed to peaceful polls.

William Ruto of UDA, Raila Odinga of Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya, George Wajackoyah of Roots Party and David Mwaure of Agano Party have all signed a commitment document witnessed by Mkenya Daima to maintain peace during the polls.

Mkenya Daima is a non-partisan multi-stakeholder platform founded in 2012 to inspire peaceful elections and smooth power transition.

Ruto, Odinga, Wajackoyah and Mwaure, who will be on the ballot paper on Tuesday, August 9, said they’ll preach peace in case of a win or loss in the polls.

Mkenya Daima said in a statement that leaders devoted to peace help to steer stable democracies.

“We must all ensure that we have peaceful elections and smooth transitions at national and county levels delivered through free, fair, and credible elections. This includes politicians and their supporters adhering to the electoral code of conduct as well as the election management bodies taking full responsibility for their role in the elections,” the Mkenya Daima Steering Committee said in a press release.