4 reasons you should learn your mother tongue

1. Job opportunities

Now more than ever, the world is embracing diversity. Yes, we struggle with racism, colorism, sexism, tribalism, nepotism and all manner of –isms, but the diversity is also acknowledged.

Vernacular languages are assuming greater significance in the corporate world, with businesses going more local than ever before.

A good command over your mother tongue, coupled with the ability to read and write it is a great advantage and could boost your climb the corporate ladder faster.

Translation opportunities are also growing for those who know their mother tongue as well as other official foreign languages.

2.  Multilingualism

Learning foreign languages often depends on how well one has grasped their mother tongue.

Concepts and literacy skills picked up when learning the mother tongue can be extrapolated when learning other languages.

Honing this primary linguistic ability at an early age helps develop skills needed to learn other languages and dialects.

3. Cultural connection

Languages keep our cultural heritage alive. Knowing the mother tongue is critical not only for communication but for understanding, identifying with and connecting to our roots and tribal community.

4. Social influence

The power of communication should never be underestimated. Even babies learn it right from birth, crying will communicate discomfort.

Communication skills could be the door between landing a great job and never making it past the interview, you have to ‘talk’ your way through.

Similarly, fluency in your mother tongue can help improve your social status because you can communicate with a group of people that you would otherwise never be able to accurately reach.