By Beauttah Omanga

Government auditors have demanded a personal contract of a senior civil servant to unravel expenditures on him and his family.

The auditors want Transport PS Cyrus Njiru’s contract, which he entered with the Government while joining the Civil Service.

This is after finding out nearly Sh3.4 million was spent on school fees for his children in private schools, last year, when he was at the Trade Ministry.

Questions are also being raised on whether the PS pays tax, following a discovery that in one of the payments made by the Government, there was no indication of tax deductions as is the procedure.

When contacted, Dr Njiru declined to discuss contents of his contract in the media terming it unprofessional. He, however, said there was nothing scandalous in all payments made by the Government in respect to either himself or his family.

"You don’t expect me to disclose my personal details and the contract with my employer," he told The Standard.

He added: "I entered the Civil Service on different terms, which must remain confidential."

He also termed as normal the audit query on his contract. On Tuesday, Public Accounts Committee Chairman Bonny Khalwale said his committee has written to the Ministry Trade seeking details on the audit query.

"We are looking at the issues raised by the auditors and hope we will tell Kenyans the mystery surrounding the PS’s contract and his other benefits," said Mr Khalwale.

Hidden payment

The Government auditors want the Ministry of Trade to explain on what basis it paid Sh3,406,100 as education grant for his children.

Ministry officials, however, said the service contract for the PS, allows for such payment but the auditors complain they were not able to verify it for audit purposes.

The auditors fear under that arrangement and failure to see and confirm the details on the PS’s personal contract, "public funds might have been misappropriated".

There is also a voucher for Njiru’s rent for three months, which is not taxed.

It is not also clear if his contract exempts him from paying tax.

The voucher reads "to payment of Sh240,000 house rent to the PS being Sh80,000 per a month for a period of July 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009 as per attached letter".

Normally, details of the amount to be taxed are included and subtracted from the rent payable.

On Tuesday, Njiru said questions on whether he pays tax, would be answered when the accounting officer meets the auditors.

"All those issues raised by the Auditor-General’s office are not new. I am sure they will be answered at the right time," he said.