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  • Open letter to Uhuru: Rise up and unite the nation Ababu Namwamba Mr President, I salute you, and do pray this finds you well. I write to you both as a patriotic citizen of our land, and as a leader duly elected to represent the people of Budalang’i in our National Assembly. Please grant me your indulgence to address you on this unfolding referendum debate.
  • Israeli incursion in Gaza manifestly unjust Billow Kerrow Once again, the world watches silently as the Israeli Defence Forces march into Gaza and massacre the Palestinians, ostensibly to protect their people from the senseless Hamas shelling. US President Barack Obama has expressed support for the Israeli action because the latter ‘has a right to defend its citizens’ and that it is Hamas which is ‘putting their people at risk’ by provoking Israel.
  • It's do-or-die for Raila as he moves towards the historic 2017 elections Makau Mutua Opposition doyen Raila Odinga will meet his fate in 2017. That’s when poetic justice will be done – and seen to be done. But my crystal ball hasn’t told me— yet — what the outcome will be. Poetic justice is a concept in which virtue is either ultimately rewarded, or vice is punished.
  • Let’s face it, Kenyan football is going nowhere Clay Muganda Let’s start from the conclusion and then we can fill in the details as we go along: Harambee Stars, comma, will not qualify for the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018 and in Qatar in 2022 because Kenyan football is going nowhere. Period. The other day, I came across an article that read as if it had been written by a pro-establishment lawyer because it was being economical with lies just to massage some big guy.
  • Our ‘dynamic duo’ discover saying is not same as doing, but image is everything Peter Kimani The image of Prezzo UK test-riding a police bike, rather ill-clad in his suit and tie, was followed by yet another picture when he was certainly better prepared for the field trip. He was in a long, Mandela shirt.

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