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  • Ten years on, Kenyans are enduring the same old problems Clay Muganda Long term readers with short memories will remember that this is the month when I not just blow my own trumpet, but I go further and play the saxophone, violin, sitar and other elitist instruments, all in the name of commemorating two events.
  • Kenyans shouldn’t lose jobs to Chinese workers Kethi D Kilonzo It is the Government policy that the economy of Kenya should be manned by trained and competent citizens. Permits are issued to foreign nationals with skills not available at present on the Kenya Labour Market, only on the understanding that effective training programmes are undertaken to provide trained citizens within a specified period."
  • Let’s be careful as we think of making changes Ababu Namwamba A Lion was chasing a chamois along a valley. He had all but caught it, and with longing eyes was anticipating a certain and a satisfying meal. It seemed as if it were utterly impossible for the victim to escape: for a deep ravine appeared to bar the way for both the hunter and the hunted.
  • Njoroge Mungai’s contribution to national development notable Anyang' Nyong'o When we bade farewell to Magana Njoroge Mungai on Tuesday August 26 this past week at the PCEA Church of the Torch in Thogoto, there was an air of celebration rather than sadness though a sombre mood settled among the congregants as the casket containing his remains was quietly carried towards the pulpit.
  • State appointments in fractured society must be delicately handled Makau Mutua The biggest challenge for any head of state — even in a democracy — is to “depersonalise” power. Conversely, heads of state don’t generally like to “institutionalise” power. Yet, no great power, or a dominant and enduring civilisation, has ever been built solely on an individual.

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